As one of our core services, we want to show you whether it’s technically feasible to get your project to net zero energy. We can be as detailed as you’d like – from a first pass at a conceptual level to a detailed analysis integrated with our other services like whole building energy modeling. Even if your project doesn’t have the budget for the renewable energy system, you might want to know what it would take to get to net zero so that decision can be made a couple years down the road.

Whole Building Energy Modeling

We use state-of-the-art workflows and software to rapidly generate 3D models of your project that can be used to make informed decisions, document compliance with energy codes and green building standards and obtain incentive monies. We know that “the model” is just a tool, and it’s the consulting and recommendations that you’re paying for. That’s why we’ve developed a consistent and transparent process, and provide graphical reports that let you know exactly what goes into the model, and the iterations of results that come out. Our advanced software expertise includes (but is not limited to): IES Virtual Environment / eQuest / Autodesk Revit / Green Building Studio / Trimble SketchUp / CBECC-Com / EnergyPro / and more.

High Performance MEP Concepts

The most important decisions are made during the earliest stage of design. Start off on the right foot by selecting building systems that work with the program to meet the project’s performance and budgetary needs. Our team can help develop conceptual designs that prove their value up-front and stand up through value engineering discussions down the road. This service is well-suited for design-build project delivery methods.

Daylight Analysis

Providing natural daylighting helps to leverage a high-performance façade or skylight system for increased energy savings, comfort and occupant productivity. We can provide illuminance on the working plane, RADIANCE renderings, daylight glare analysis, calculations for LEED credit IEQc8.1 or whatever else your project needs are. We can also couple the daylight dimming directly into our whole building energy model if you’re looking for an integrated energy analysis.

Life Cycle Cost Analysis

If you’re looking for the best way to make a decision about an HVAC system that weighs first cost, replacement cost, annual maintenance and energy cost, and incorporates financial factors like inflation and internal rate of return, then here it is. Energy efficiency is often an investment, and, like most investments, it’s important to look at the long-term financial impact rather than first cost or energy savings alone. We can provide the technical analysis and consulting and work with teams and identify the best alternative between systems over a period of 25 years or more.

Renewable Energy Analysis

Whether you’re just investigating the possibility of renewable energy options or heading for a full net zero energy design, we can help you identify, evaluate, size and optimize renewable energy systems for your project. Our team has experience with solar photovoltaic (PV), solar hot water, renewable biofuels, and other sources of renewables.


Measurement & Verification planning and implementation are proactive ways to validate the performance of existing or recently completed projects. We’ll work with you to explore options, develop a plan that includes the design and layout of the system, process for ongoing measurement, and steps for corrective action as needed. If you want to follow IPMVP Option D, we can also calibrate the whole building energy model based on 12 months’ worth of data to confirm operational performance down to the system level.

Teaching & Training

As new technologies, codes & standards, and software tools continue to change our industry, it becomes harder to stay on top of it all. That is why we focus our expertise on these changes, and provide presentations, workshops and hourly support to help you through it all. We can provide technical design support for complicated systems, energy code overviews, deep dives into LEED calculations, energy modeling software support, and so much more. We have the skills and passion to share our knowledge, so if you can think of something we might be able to help with, just ask!

Green Rating Systems & Codes

Whether it’s navigating California’s Title 24 energy code, providing calculations or vc vigate and overcome the technical engineering aspects of these green rating systems and codes. We have plenty of experience in other jurisdictions as well, so if you don’t see it here, just shoot us the question.

Rebates & Incentives

Don’t leave money on the table by not participating in the plethora of rebates and incentives available for energy and water efficiency. We can help you evaluate the options and manage the appropriate programs so you receive money to pay for more efficient features or reduce the ROI for systems on your project. The most common programs are California Utilities’ Saving by Design, Demand Response, Permanent Load Shedding, the Federal government’s EPACT Commercial Buildings Tax Deduction, Business Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC), and so many more.