At Zero Envy, our focus is elevating building performance by maximizing energy and water efficiency, occupant comfort, and return-on-investment through innovative thinking, integrative collaboration, and rigorous analysis from concept through operation.


Zero Envy was founded by Greg Collins to provide technical analysis and consulting focused on achieving the net zero energy, water and carbon goals that have been adopted by many organizations. Greg’s project roles have ranged from HVAC design engineer, energy modeler, LEED consultant, building automation system (BAS) technician, MEP design project manager, MEP/Cx construction coordinator and more. These experiences have developed the knowledge and skills necessary to provide focused services that exceed project goals and save capital and operational costs.

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Zero Envy Means

Zero Envy signifies that we help clients set, meet and exceed their projects’ net zero energy, water and carbon goals, while others miss out on the benefits and opportunities that “zero” can bring.